Friday, November 2, 2012

Welcome fellow book addicts!

I am a self proclaimed book addict and lover all things romantic! After having so many people ask me so frequently what book I am currently reading, what books do I suggest or what is my favorite all time book, I decided to start a blog to answer those very questions!

I began to feel like a sort of book pimp:) Ha ha! I love it<3 People come to me and ask for a book suggestion then I proceed to try and find out what they are looking for. Questions like "Are you looking for a light or heavy read?" or "Do you want something erotic or more chick lit?" or "Are you wanting something along the lines of young adult, contemporary romance or paranormal romance?"  Just trying to see what they like or what they are looking for! Hence the term BOOK PIMP... therefore I welcome you to The Book Brothel!

I love all sorts of books from young adult all the way to the kinky erotica novels and everything between.

I will be posting reviews, author profiles and updates on my current reads. I welcome anyone who is looking for a suggestion to just ask and I will do my best to help you out. I am a huge fan and supporter of indie books/authors and word of mouth is huge for them and their success. I hope to help get the word out about many great books that are hidden gems!


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