Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"Hopeless" Full Cover Jacket and Release Date

"Hopeless" by Colleen Hoover
Release Date: New Years Eve, December 31st, 2012.

Sometimes discovering the truth can leave you more hopeless than believing the lies…

That’s what seventeen-year-old Sky realizes after she meets Dean Holder: ...
A guy with a reputation that rivals her own and an uncanny ability to invoke feelings in her she’s never had before. He terrifies her and captivates her all in the span of just one encounter, and something about the way he makes her feel sparks buried memories from a past that she wishes could just stay buried.

Sky struggles to keep him at a distance knowing he’s nothing but trouble, but Holder insists on learning everything about her. After finally caving to his unwavering pursuit, Sky soon finds that Holder isn’t at all who he’s been claiming to be. When the secrets he’s been keeping are finally revealed, every single facet of Sky’s life will change forever.
Cover Design by Okay Creations

Butterfly Weeds by Laura Miller Reviewed

“There is a perfect someone, even if the road to that someone isn’t all that perfect.”
Laura Miller, Butterfly Weeds

Julia Lang expected a nice night away from the office-free of thoughts about the case, her failed engagement, her past. But she should have known better. Her past haunted her every chance it got these days, and tonight it came in the form of lyrics she never expected to hear again-not after a decade, not in the arms of another man and definitely not in the form of a confession. Now, Julia must discover for herself if the song-and more importantly, the man behind it-is enough to leave her new life for her small-town, Missouri roots and a second chance at love.

I recently read this lovely sweet book by Laura Miller and loved every minute of it! The story took me back to the small town life I grew up in. The author really drew me in making me feel like a part of the little quaint hometown that Julia and Will called home. This book was refreshing in so many ways. Sometimes you just want a light, feel good read that will leave you feeling all warm and cozy inside. This book was like a steaming cup of hot cocoa on a winter morning all wrapped up in a snuggley blanket.

 I loved watching the innocence that was Julia and Will as young teenagers and how they fell in love. Their journey was heartbreaking at times as they got older and their lives changed. I felt like I was right there with them every step of the way. I did cry reading this book and it kept me up til after 1am because I couldn't put it down. I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a refreshing light reading. Butterfly Weeds is a timeless sweet love story that I think any romantic would enjoy. I will say though that if you are looking for steamy love scenes or anything of the sort you won't find that here. I have to say that it never really mattered to me as I was reading because the author did such a fantastic job of making the reader feel the love between the characters anyway. This book is definitely one of my new favorites!

You can buy Butterfly Weeds on Amazon by clicking >>>HERE

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Breathing Series by Rebecca Donovan Reviewed

“Love helped me live life instead of just survive it.”
Rebecca Donovan, Reason to Breathe
"No one tried to get involved with me, and I kept to myself. This was the place where everything was supposed to be safe and easy. How could Evan Mathews unravel my constant universe in just one day?"

He knows there’s something more to the girl sitting in the back of the class the moment he sees her. She’s beautiful, intelligent, and athletic – but she slips quietly through the crowded halls, trying not to exist. Determined to get to know the elusive girl, Evan soon discovers…

Emma Thomas is hiding a terrible secret.

Reason to Breathe is an electrifying page turner from start to finish, a unique tale of life-changing love, unspeakable cruelty, and one girl’s fragile grasp of hope.
I read both books in this series awhile back and the story has stuck with me all this time. That's the kind of book that I love. One that stays with you, one that the characters feel like real people that you keep on your mind long after you read the last pages of the book. This series has done just that for me.
These books aren't hearts and flowers and rainbows mushy love stories. It's gritty real to life storyline grips you and holds you captive until the end. You hurt when Emma hurts, you love when she loves and you feel her fear radiating off the pages. Evan wraps the reader up in a safety blanket giving them hope for Emma and her future.
This story is rough around the edges because it deals with the difficult subject of abuse but it's an important subject to bring to light. I have read reviews about these books and many have disagreed with the way the abuse was handled but all I can say is this: Unless you've endured abuse you can't truly say how you would or would not handle it. Therefore read this story with an open mind and an open heart. The author does a phenomenal job pulling you into the story and it kept me turning the pages until the end.
Book 1 Reason To Breathe you can buy on Amazon by clicking >>> HERE 
Book 2 Barely Breathing you can buy on Amazon by clicking >>> HERE
Book 3 in the Breathing Series, Out of Breath is expected to be released in June of 2013.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Best Selling Author Colleen Hoover's New Book

With utter joy and happiness I am so excited to share with you the cover reveal to my favorite authors new book! Hopeless by Colleen Hoover! Cover design by Okay Creations. I can't wait until November 28th for the synopsis to be revealed and December to buy the book!
On pins and needles!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Theory of a Deadman

I am not just a book lover, I am also a music lover! I have no idea why I have never noticed this amazing band before today!  I'm in love with this song and his voice! Just thought I would share:)

Wait For Me By Theory of a Deadman Click HERE to see the lyrical video. Beautiful song!!!

The Future of Our Past By Kahlen Aymes Reviewed

“You deserve whatever I decide to give you and I want to give you everything. Just don't forget to remember me, and we'll be okay. Don't forget how much I love you...” 
Kahlen AymesThe Future of Our Past
Beautifully written, heart wrenchingly romantic and an unforgettable love story is The Future of Our Past! As most already know I am a prolific romance reader. So I will say that if you enjoy romance, the kind that is immersed in beautiful my cup runneth over dialogue then you will love this book. If you are not a romantic then you may want to run the other direction.
Ryan and Julia's story is a captivating journey about one man's unrequited   love for a woman that he will move heaven and earth for even during their most challenging and heartbreaking times. This book has a simple premise about two best friends who fall into the deepest depths of love and even when the universe is doing everything to pull them apart Ryan refuses to let her slip away.
The affection and emotion between the characters was written in an emotionally loving way that will make any romantics heart swoon. If you love a passionate, tug at your heart strings book then you will adore The Future of Our Past.
I will caution you that this book ends in a rather shocking cliffhanger so be prepared to buy book 2 Don't Forget To Remember Me. Book 3 has not been released as of yet but I am looking forward to it when it does.
You can buy The Future of Our Past by clicking >>> HERE

Friday, November 9, 2012

Avoiding Commitment By KA Linde Reviewed

“You have always been what I want. I just made mistakes along the way. I told you that I would make it up to you, that I would show you what I could be for you, if you would only let me.”
― K.A. Linde, Avoiding Commitment

I don't know where to begin with this review because this book is a jaw dropping, emotion evoking, pantie dropping, angst charged roller coaster of blessed madness!

Have you ever wanted to hurl your e-reader clear across the room? Nope, me either until I read this book! Yep this book that I love so much pissed me the hell off on multiple occasions but I kept reading like a crack addict because the book junkie in me could not get enough of the wicked web that Ms.Linde had weaved. The characters in this book were so well developed that at times I felt as if they were real people whom needed a good slap across the face or kick in the ass. You fall in love with Jack even though he can make your blood boil and you cheer for Lexi even though you want to strangle some sort of sense into her over and over again.

The wide array of emotions felt while reading this book were never ending. Anger, sadness, angst, desire, (yes moments of happiness), laughter and pure unadulterated passion! If you are looking for a book that will wake up your book shelf (electronically or nonelectronically speaking) then this book is a SURE THING! I can assure you that you will not be disappointed if you are looking for something that raises eyebrows and stirs up your insides like a blender on high speed.

The second book in the Avoiding Series comes out December 1st so this is the perfect time for new readers of this book to take advantage because you will not have to agonize and suffer the way the rest of us have while waiting anxiously for Avoiding Responsibility!

You can buy Avoiding Commitment by clicking >>>HERE and you can purchase Avoiding Responsibility on Amazon December 1st!

Summer's Journey Volumes 1-3 Reviewed


“Perhaps I was being picky, but I really didn’t think being able to spell orgasm without being spotted a vowel was asking too much.”
Summer Daniels, Summer's Journey: Losing Control, Vol 1
Summer's Journey is the first erotica book that I have reviewed on here and there's a reason for that. I know there's a ton of great, juicy erotica books out there especially in the wake of the Fifty Shades of Grey craze, but I found something in this book that all of those books don't have. REALITY! Yes, this book is a story based on truth from the author's real life. The first thing that really grabbed my attention other than the fact that I was reading something that had really happened to a real person was that the main character in the story was"fortyish" years old, divorced and on a journey of self-discovery.
The reader follows Summer through the peaks and valleys of struggling with allowing her inhibitions to fall away layer by layer. We follow her with baited breath as she becomes more comfortable with her sexual desires and body. She learns through a powerful sexual re-awakening that reads with a honesty and titillating descriptions that make you feel the reality of the truth behind the story.
I was cheering for Summer in my mind throughout each volume of the story. When she meets Mark the sparks practically fly off the page and I was instantly rooting for them to be together. When Mark drops the bomb of not wanting a quick roll in the hay (which is precisely what most single guys do want) I was just as surprised as Summer was. You follow her as she takes a leap of faith down a rabbit hole of sexual ABC's and 123's and I enjoyed falling along with her.
This book is short, just barely over 60 pages on my Kindle but I still feel it was worth my time and money. It was original and never felt rushed even though it was short in length. I look forward to more of Summer's story. If you are looking for something different, something original and real with steamy, erotic love scenes interlaced with an independent strong woman and a dominant sexy alpha male then this book is for you.
You can buy Summer's Journey: Collection One Volumes 1-3 three by clicking >>>HERE
As always HAPPY READING and support our indie authors!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ten Days of Perfect By Andrea Randall

“November, if your heart was mine it would never break.”
Andrea Randall, Ten Days of Perfect
Books like 10 Days of Perfect are the reason why I love indie authors so much. You scroll through the suggested books that Amazon has for you with tons to choose from and if you read as much as I do you have seen the same titles and covers over and over again. Choosing is like a shot in the dark. So many reviews contradict one another in most cases so you just have to go with your gut and hope that the money spent for the book is worth it. In cases such as this the mere 2.99 was more than worth it. I did not even read the reviews for this book. I read the synopsis and I enjoyed the fact that the cover wasn't another typical couple of people in an embrace but something more earthy and pleasing to the eye. I couldn't have been more right than when I took a chance on this book.
November is a strong female character which is refreshing with so many books these days portraying women as sex starved girls chasing after the alpha male. Not only did Ms. Randall do a fantastic job of developing her characters but she brought them to life on the page. You feel invested in their happiness and you feel their pain all at the same time. Bo was so down to earth and dripping with sexiness but you never feel like the author tried too hard to make him seem that way. It was a natural sexiness that you felt was coming from a humble guy. Bo was everything I like to see from a male character. He had talent, charisma, compassion and a tender side. I loved the way he gave November the space she needed even if she got angry with him for it. The intimate scenes were right on point and not over the top. They were written tastefully and they felt loving and passionate. It never just felt like sex. Every moment between Bo and November had emotion behind it whether it was humor, angst, anger or love.
The MUSIC, the MUSIC, the MUSIC! Oh how I loved the music aspect of this book. I am a sucker for music and poetry so I was truly hooked at GUITAR! I totally fell in love with Bo and his voice (yes, I could hear it in my head) that is how good Ms. Randall was at writing the musical parts of this story and having November be musically gifted as well really gave the two a connection that you really feel. The music was beautiful and it really gave this story a spark that helped set the rest of it on fire!
Even though this was a short read (230 pages) the author still gave the reader a full story without making it feel rushed. There will be a second book in the November Blue Series and I can't wait to read more from Andrea Randall! You can get Ten Days of Perfect on Amazon. Just Click >>>HERE! I highly recommend this book check it out today! As always HAPPY READING:)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Sweet Gum Tree Reviewed

“To my surprise, Nick reached under his shirt and pulled out the half-heart pendant. With his gaze fixed on mine, he slid the chain over my head. “No one should have to go through life with only half a heart,” he whispered.”

For my 2nd review I chose The Sweet Gum Tree By Katherine Allred.  This book was a book selection for my book club a few months back and it is a book that has stuck with me.  Sometimes you read a book and after some time goes by it is but a distant memory and sometimes you can't remember the names of the characters or even how it ended.  They are just a blip on your book radar.  The Sweet Gum Tree was certainly not one of those books for me.

This story follows Alix and Nick who as young children formed an unbreakable bond. You watch them grow, fall in love and learn through heartache, pain, love and loss.  The character development and storyline were great and the descriptions of the south were painted beautifully by the author's words.

What I loved most about this story is how it spanned over 26 years of their life and I never felt like I missed anything. When Alix and Nick are forced apart the feeling of loss was palpable and the "event" in this book that really brought me to my knees was so very unexpected. You will definitely need a box of tissues for this read.  There were some sexual situations in this book but they did not overshadow the storyline and they written very tastefully.

These characters stuck with me. Nick was someone I fell in love with and Alix made me feel her pain. If you love a great romance novel then you will love this book. It reminded me of a really good Nicholas Sparks novel.  If I had to say anything negative about this book it would be that the cover really does not do the book justice. I guess that is why they say "Never judge a book by it's cover."

Friday, November 2, 2012

My Book Love Affair...Slammed Review

If you are an avid reader like myself you know that there are some books that once you read the last page regardless of the story being over in print it continues on in your mind, you heart and your soul for days, weeks, months or infinitely. These books are far and few between and in my opinion rare. When I find one I can't be nothing but in awe of the author and thankful for the beautiful story that they gifted to us the reader.

I remember the very first book that did this to me at a very young age as an elementary student.  Dear Mr. Henshaw was the book and to this day I remember it even after all of these years.  As an adult a book "love affair" did not happen for me until I read Eat Pray Love By Elizabeth Gilbert and then again when I read Nights In Rodanthe By Nicholas Sparks. Now do not get me wrong I have read and loved MANY other books. For example I loved the Twilight Series and I really liked Fifty Shades of Grey.  But a mere few books do I have a "love affair" with. So on to my point after all of that rambling....
“Question everything. Your love, your religion, your passion. If you don't have questions, you'll never find answers.”
Colleen Hoover, Slammed
“If I were a carpenter, I would build you a window to my soul. But I would leave that window shut and locked, so that every time you tried to look through it all you would see is your own reflection. You would see that my soul is a reflection of you.”
Colleen Hoover, Point of Retreat
SLAMMED and POINT OF RETREAT BY COLLEEN HOOVER are my latest and greatest book "love affair"!  Yes, I am obsessed and I am guilty of acting like a teenage fan girl on many occasions when it comes to these books and this author. I am not going to give a synopsis because you can read that on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. I hate reviews that give a synopsis. I like to know what the reader felt while reading a book, why they loved it or why they hated it. So that is how my review will go...

From Chapter 1 all the way to the last words of the 2nd book I was sucked into a brilliantly written story about love, life, heartbreak, loss, family and sacrifice.  I laughed like crazy, I cried big crocodile tears and I swooned all the while falling in love with the characters and their individual stories. This is a book that is written so well that you can see it in your mind just like a movie as you read it. This is a book that makes you think, it makes you question, it makes you second guess and it makes you feel. When a book can evoke such a wide range of emotions like this story does it is rare and it is a gift. The attention to detail is amazing and the poetry......oh my THE POETRY...did I mention THE POETRY....OK so I did mention THE POETRY. In this book the poetry is like a stone thrown into water causing a beautiful ripple effect. The poetry brings out the emotion, the love, the pain, the anger, the unspoken and the fear. The poetry gives the characters a voice that they didn't know they had. Mrs. Hoover was brilliant with each poem and I loved how well they fit in the story like a jigsaw puzzle with the characters and their feelings. I had never heard of slam poetry before these books and I am now very intrigued and moved by it.

I could write for days about why you should read these books or why I love the story. But in short all I will say is that if you want a book about love of self, love of family, love between a boy and a girl that will bring a smile to your face, a tear to your eye and touch your heart then read Slammed and Point of Retreat By Colleen Hoover. You will be happy you did! Click >>>HERE<<< to get it in paperback or >>>HERE<<< to get the ebook.

Welcome fellow book addicts!

I am a self proclaimed book addict and lover all things romantic! After having so many people ask me so frequently what book I am currently reading, what books do I suggest or what is my favorite all time book, I decided to start a blog to answer those very questions!

I began to feel like a sort of book pimp:) Ha ha! I love it<3 People come to me and ask for a book suggestion then I proceed to try and find out what they are looking for. Questions like "Are you looking for a light or heavy read?" or "Do you want something erotic or more chick lit?" or "Are you wanting something along the lines of young adult, contemporary romance or paranormal romance?"  Just trying to see what they like or what they are looking for! Hence the term BOOK PIMP... therefore I welcome you to The Book Brothel!

I love all sorts of books from young adult all the way to the kinky erotica novels and everything between.

I will be posting reviews, author profiles and updates on my current reads. I welcome anyone who is looking for a suggestion to just ask and I will do my best to help you out. I am a huge fan and supporter of indie books/authors and word of mouth is huge for them and their success. I hope to help get the word out about many great books that are hidden gems!