Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Future of Our Past By Kahlen Aymes Reviewed

“You deserve whatever I decide to give you and I want to give you everything. Just don't forget to remember me, and we'll be okay. Don't forget how much I love you...” 
Kahlen AymesThe Future of Our Past
Beautifully written, heart wrenchingly romantic and an unforgettable love story is The Future of Our Past! As most already know I am a prolific romance reader. So I will say that if you enjoy romance, the kind that is immersed in beautiful my cup runneth over dialogue then you will love this book. If you are not a romantic then you may want to run the other direction.
Ryan and Julia's story is a captivating journey about one man's unrequited   love for a woman that he will move heaven and earth for even during their most challenging and heartbreaking times. This book has a simple premise about two best friends who fall into the deepest depths of love and even when the universe is doing everything to pull them apart Ryan refuses to let her slip away.
The affection and emotion between the characters was written in an emotionally loving way that will make any romantics heart swoon. If you love a passionate, tug at your heart strings book then you will adore The Future of Our Past.
I will caution you that this book ends in a rather shocking cliffhanger so be prepared to buy book 2 Don't Forget To Remember Me. Book 3 has not been released as of yet but I am looking forward to it when it does.
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