Thursday, March 28, 2013

Haven From The Storm Review & Giveaway

"Keep in mind that even those who love you can unknowningly inflict pain when they themselves are hurting.” 

Most were asleep in their beds the night Lily Grace’s entire world was ripped apart, leaving only darkness and torment in its place. The only remaining person she depended on abandoned her without a second thought…or so that’s what Lily has believed for the past four years.
Dean Haven has returned for one reason—to win Lily’s love again. He’s already broken her heart because of the demons that haunt him. Can his desire for Lily keep him from succumbing to those demons again?
Dean has no idea what awaits him when he tries to fight his way back into Lily’s life. Everything he remembers has changed, including Lily.
Is love enough when you’re forced to weather the storms life has blown your way?

Lily is lost, alone and the one person she needed most left her at a very troublesome time. Dean Haven... oh Dean, Dean, Dean... After being away for 4 years he returns. But during those years Lily had to face an abusive father and she's not the same girl he left behind.

Trust has been lost and connections broken. Can they reconnect? Possibly find love again? That is the journey Mrs. Dosher takes us on. A journey of redemption, self-discovery and most of all forgiveness all wrapped up in a romantical love story.

We also walk in the shoes of a girl that deals with an abusive father. Her courage and determination to go on will move you and the pain she feels will sadden you. Lily's strength was wonderfully written by the author and I love strong female characters. So I was very pleased to see Lily be one of those great female characters that make me feel empowered as a woman. I rallied for Lily and when Dean was doing his best to help her I cheered him on. The author did a great job at balancing the darker subject matter with a lighter feel as well.

Dean Haven....... SWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON worthy Dean Haven! That's all I will say about him. You'll have to read for yourself to see what I mean.

The secondary characters were also very well developed and brought a great deal to the story. I think anyone who loves a good book that has both elements of reality and fantasy would enjoy Haven From The Storm! This is definitely an author to keep an eye on!

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Back To Empty

Back to empty
Here's my cup
Fill it on up
Runneth it over
Just pour me something stronger than me
Don't want to feel this way any longer
Drown the me I can't allow anyone to see
Force it down
Swallow it all
Just pour me something stronger than me
It was enough
Once I could see
Carried to me
On waves
Of a cobalt blue sea
I exhaled
I saw
I felt
To me
Forever memories
To the blue sea
Already forgotten
Turning the key
Again locking it all away
I step back up
To the bar of life
Society and reality join me
Holding out my glass
I say...
Just pour me something stronger than me


From the novel "THERAPY" release May 2013

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Signed Paperbacks For Sale

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