Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ten Days of Perfect By Andrea Randall

“November, if your heart was mine it would never break.”
Andrea Randall, Ten Days of Perfect
Books like 10 Days of Perfect are the reason why I love indie authors so much. You scroll through the suggested books that Amazon has for you with tons to choose from and if you read as much as I do you have seen the same titles and covers over and over again. Choosing is like a shot in the dark. So many reviews contradict one another in most cases so you just have to go with your gut and hope that the money spent for the book is worth it. In cases such as this the mere 2.99 was more than worth it. I did not even read the reviews for this book. I read the synopsis and I enjoyed the fact that the cover wasn't another typical couple of people in an embrace but something more earthy and pleasing to the eye. I couldn't have been more right than when I took a chance on this book.
November is a strong female character which is refreshing with so many books these days portraying women as sex starved girls chasing after the alpha male. Not only did Ms. Randall do a fantastic job of developing her characters but she brought them to life on the page. You feel invested in their happiness and you feel their pain all at the same time. Bo was so down to earth and dripping with sexiness but you never feel like the author tried too hard to make him seem that way. It was a natural sexiness that you felt was coming from a humble guy. Bo was everything I like to see from a male character. He had talent, charisma, compassion and a tender side. I loved the way he gave November the space she needed even if she got angry with him for it. The intimate scenes were right on point and not over the top. They were written tastefully and they felt loving and passionate. It never just felt like sex. Every moment between Bo and November had emotion behind it whether it was humor, angst, anger or love.
The MUSIC, the MUSIC, the MUSIC! Oh how I loved the music aspect of this book. I am a sucker for music and poetry so I was truly hooked at GUITAR! I totally fell in love with Bo and his voice (yes, I could hear it in my head) that is how good Ms. Randall was at writing the musical parts of this story and having November be musically gifted as well really gave the two a connection that you really feel. The music was beautiful and it really gave this story a spark that helped set the rest of it on fire!
Even though this was a short read (230 pages) the author still gave the reader a full story without making it feel rushed. There will be a second book in the November Blue Series and I can't wait to read more from Andrea Randall! You can get Ten Days of Perfect on Amazon. Just Click >>>HERE! I highly recommend this book check it out today! As always HAPPY READING:)

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