Sunday, December 9, 2012

Amazing Book Giveaway!!! Check it out...

Sarah Dosher (Author) Releasing her debut novel in Jan 2013 is offering an amazing giveaway of some of my all time favorites!
Here it is...the giveaway details! * drum roll please...

 She currently has 57 books listed in her "Fav books" album. She will giveaway ONE Kindle ebook from her fav books album to a lucky winner.

All you need to do is share this album then go to the picture of the book you want to win and post that you shared this and the name of the book you want. Then I will randomly choose a winner next Thursday evening!

Note: if the book is a series I have only posted a pic of the first book in the series, however if you win you can get any book within that series. The caption for each pic of a book has links to all books within that series.
CLICK HERE to enter:)

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